• Sundays are the best time to be in any major city/town. Most have festivals, dancing in the parks, street vendors, etc.
  • Basic Spanish is invaluable, even for big cities like Mexico City. It’s important to know the numbers, as well as basic question words, like “how”, “what”, “where,”. You should read up on local foods so that you’re not totally clueless when buying food or ordering at a restaurant. You should know how to locate the restrooms (ba├▒os) or how to say you’re a vegetarian (Yo soy vegetriano/a).
  • On that note, I found that travelling with a pocket dictionary is very useful in difficult situations.
  • In most cities and towns, the “zocalo” is the main square of the city. You’ll notice a lot of cities built like a grid, with the zocalo in the center.

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