If you’ve come here, you’re looking to backpack Central America on a tight budget while still experiencing the best that the region has to offer. I’ll be updating this blog as I go along, traveling from Mexico City through to Panama City in three months.

About Me: 22 year old female from Israel, travelling with another female companion. We started in Mexico City on January 10th, 2014, and we’ll finish our trip in Panama City on April 20th, 2014; in total, approximately three and a half months.

Everyone backpacks in a different way, whether it be with different food constrictions (I’m a vegetarian), on a tighter budget, looking to see different aspects of the region, etc. I had difficulty finding detailed information for the kind of trip I wanted to do: independent, local, relatively cheap, and full of nature. Most books out there (I’m travelling with Lonely Planet) cover cities: museums, markets, festivals, etc, and touch only very lightly on day trips around and between the cities. The way I got to what I was looking for was mostly by asking locals and other backpackers, and trial and error. I can promise you that our trip will be exactly the same, and it’s probably the best way to backpack: to discover for yourself what you enjoy, how to get around and where to go next. However, I find it invaluable to have a resource that will prevent you from falling in tourist traps, and doing things the conventional (and quite a bit less authentic) route.

For any specific questions or comments, you’re more than welcome to comment on a post, or mail me at Safe travels!

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